Oct 18, 2011

I miss my cuddly baby

Something weird happens between the time my baby boy was born to now.  The first few months of his life he would cry if I wasn't holding him.  Now, he complains and acts like it is poison if I kiss or hug him at the wrong time.

In Kindergarten, he wanted me to walk into class with him.  He even ran over to his teacher and let her know I was his mommy.  Now, he stands by the teacher while I introduce myself.

M playing in the rain and dancing with his umbrella

The little toddler used to crawl up on my lap and let me hold him until he fell to sleep.  He would probably still do that, but as they get older, it gets more and more difficult to hold them.

He called the computer a combucker.  My friends used to call him the cookie monster because the first thing he would do when he went to anyone's house is ask for a cookie.  Eventually, I would either bring cookies with me or they would treat him to one.   
The big smile of a young child!

He used to say the most embarrassing things, such as "Look Mommy, dat lady is bigger dan you!"  After making him apologize, I told him that greater miracles happen everyday.  Now, he knows what could hurt someone's feelings and how to not shout mean things while pointing.

Now, if he doesn't listen, I can't just pick him up and make him go with me to the store or a different aisle.  I have to communicate why it is in his best interest to go with me.  (Bribe)

Our first fishing trip.  He still thought I knew a lot.
Somehow my cuddly baby has grown into a young man.  I am so happy that he has his independent streak.  I am so thankful that he has grown into a young guy that still loves his mom!   There will be a time when he won't need my advice, but may still ask for it.  There will most definitely be a time when he will let me hug him and kiss him again.

Children grow up.  It is our job to let them grow but it is also the hardest part knowing that we will have to let go sometime.  

For those with children, what do you miss about them being little?  If you still have little children, what cute things do they do that you will miss?  What is the cutest thing you have seen a child do this week?


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