Oct 19, 2011

I have the best husband for me! What's best about yours?

 Today I wanted to have a post on what I am thankful for.  I really do have the best husband for me, but I am sure that each of you have the best significant other for you.  For those that aren't dating, what traits are you looking for in a boyfriend?

My husband and I: Still Lovebirds after 12.5 years

My husband is the best because:
  1. he works at a job he hates so he can support us
  2. he wakes my son up and brings him to school
  3. he understands that some days I cannot do laundry because my back hurts and will do laundry
  4. he loves me even when I am not sure I deserve anyone's love
  5. he accepts the fact that I do not want to try to have another baby after trying for years.
  6. he sticks up for his son and I when someone is being rude or down right mean.
  7. if I "forget" to defrost something, or just need a day off of cooking, he brings us out to eat.
  8. he honestly, super duper loves me.  
  9. he is unselfish.  
  10. he plays video games with our son and is the fun parent.
Sure, there are times when we could spit nails at each other, but the important thing is we always get over it.  I hope that when we are celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary in April that we will love each other even more than we do today.

Tell me, why is your husband the best?  Why do you love your boyfriend?


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