Oct 2, 2011

Confession: Haunted Houses frighten me

For some reason children seem to think that adults shouldn't be scared of anything. My son desperately wanted to go on a Haunted House ride and my brother and brother-in-law wanted to ride in the same car. I thought I would be brave, because if my son wanted to do it, I could handle it.

Thirty seconds into the ride, something freaked me out. Between the music, wind blowing on me and things popping out of me, my heart felt like I had just ran 1/10th of a mile sprinting. Heart pumping wildly, I did what any mother would do. I pulled my son in close to me and closed my eyes. I covered his eyes too. He didn't protest.

For the rest of the ride I sat there peaking through my fingers so I could see when we would be exiting this insane ride. There was NO WAY I was going to come out into the delightful sunlight with my eyes closed.

I am aware that nothing will really hurt me in a Haunted House. I truly do know that but when it comes to flight or fright, I am the one standing there holding the phone yelling "Someone NEEDS to call 911!" (A whole blog story in itself). In every movie around Halloween, terrible, terrible things happen in there. Of course, it probably only happens to those people that cover their eyes. I don't do well when my life is in danger, as it surely was on that ride. After all, my heart could have exploded from fright.

If you are ever on a ride and you hear a grown woman whimpering, it could be me. Just remember, we aren't all brave warriors.

Are you one of the brave warriors or eye closer?  If you want to show others that it is perfectly normal to be scared, or show people what a wimp some people can be, go ahead and share on Facebook or twitter. 

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