Sep 13, 2011

Why buy the milk, if you dont' have the cookies?

Today my son was looking through the fridge and noticed that I got a new gallon of milk.  The three of us usually don't drink a whole gallon of milk, unless we get cookies to eat with them.

Milk obviously shouldn't be bought without its pal, the cookie
Note: this is a real conversation that took place

"Mom, did you get any cookies"
"Why did you get milk if you didn't get any cookies?"

End of discussion.  What can you say to that logic?

I really like cookies.  You get me a bag of chocolate chip or Oreos and I am going to be happy for awhile.  I will even share.  I love No Bake Cookies.   The crazy thing is that I am always the one asking for cookies.  I never knew my son loved them as much as I did.  

What's your favorite kind of cookie?  Have you heard anything that you thought was hilarious recently?

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