Sep 30, 2011

Two child deaths caused from dressers falling on them

Within the past two months, I have heard of two different stories about children being killed by dressers.  It is heart-breaking to hear these stories.  One story was placed on my Facebook wall from a friend who asked us all to pray for their neighbor.  The other story I found on a blog, but I cannot remember for the life of me where it was.

I immediately called my sister and told her to bolt ALL of her dressers to the wall.

I am asking you to bolt your dressers to the wall.   It honestly takes less than 10 minutes to bolt each high dresser to the wall.  My husband bolted ours to the wall with two L brackets.  He bolted one to each side off the dresser and into the stud behind it.

You never know what children are thinking.  You can tell them 100 times not to do something, but it doesn't mean that they won't.  The best way to keep them safe is prevention.

Please, don't worry about damaging your dresser or the wall.  Think about it as saving your child.

I urge you to go and get the L Brackets now.  If you wouldn't know how to find a stud in the wall, ask someone.  I am sure anyone would help you if you explained that you don't want the dresser injuring your child.

Please pass this on to someone you care about or are friends with.  Call all of your friends with young children and have them do it.  It we can save one life, wouldn't it be worth it?


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