Sep 6, 2011

The summer went too fast

Every summer I come up with a master plan for what we will be doing during summer break.  Every year, what we end up doing is far from my plan.  This year, my son and I didn't get to go on a trip during the summer break, which is a huge disappointment for me. 

My 3 brothers and my son

The highlights of my summer are:
  1. My brother vising from Washington State for about 5 days.  
  2. My sisters and Angie's children visiting from Utah for about 9 days.
  3. Watching my brothers and husband play softball, although their team wasn't the best, it is still fun to watch.
  4. Getting our house on the market.  What a stress-reliever!
  5. Spending uninterrupted time with my son.  Soon enough, he won't be home for me to spend time with and I will look back at these times with fondness.
What was your highlight of summer?  


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