Sep 19, 2011

The perfect Mom

Me dancing with M when he was 5
The other day I saw a moment of the last time I was a perfect Mom.  I was holding my newborn son, he was less than an hour old.  He was in front of me and I was holding his chin.  Then I moved him and his whole head went back and everyone in the room started yelling, "You need to hold his head!"

My point of this post is that no Mom is perfect.  You can think your next door neighbor mom is perfect, but I am sure she doesn't think so.  There is that woman in church that you just adore and her children always look perfect, but I am sure if you asked her if she was a perfect mom, she wouldn't think she was.

Moms make mistakes.  We learn from our mistakes though.  Then we become better moms.

Just remember, you have a person who loves you that is counting on you.

Don't compare yourself to others because no one else is perfect.  There could be people thinking, "Wow, I wish I were as good of a mom as she is".  

Don't beat yourself up.  You are human.  There isn't a night I don't lay in bed thinking of the 100 different things I could have done differently.  I know that my son still loves me even when I spend too much time on the computer.

Have fun with your little people today!

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