Sep 24, 2011

Parents, stick up for children against bullying

There are probably thousands of children bullied every day in school. Each child bullied has a parent or guardian that is supposed to look out for him. It is your duty as a parent to advocate for your child.

If something has happened to your child at school, go talk to the school. If you work, make an appointment so you can talk with the school over the phone. Tell them that you don't send your child to school to be made fun of.


It is mandated that our children need an education. As parents, lets make it a mandate that we will not allow any bullying, rude behavior towards our children.  It should be a mandate that our children get treated as good, or better, than they get treated at home.  I, for one, don't send me son to school to get called fat, stupid, slow, or any other word.  I definitely don't let him get made fun of at home.

Teachers are wonderful for going into the schools to teach our children.  There are so many more great teachers than neglectful teachers.  However, I know that I had teachers growing up that would not stop people from calling me names.  There has to be a punishment for those that hurt someone's feelings.  There was one teacher that wouldn't allow any rude behaviors in his classroom.  That was my favorite class to go to.  It was my haven in High School.

Next time something happens to your child that shouldn't happen, it is up to you to try to make things better.  Yes, sometimes crappy things happen in life, but if it is something that can be addressed and changed, try to do it.  Demand it. 

Now, if you have one of those children who hurt people, do something about it.  I won't stand for my son to talk rudely to people.  Each of those people who are bullies have a parent.  As parents, we have all had to discipline bad behavior.  It isn't just children being children.  It is your child being mean to my child and my child doesn't deserve it.  If you need to get the child counseling, than do it.

What do you think parents can do to address bullying in school?  Do you think parents can make a difference?

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