Sep 10, 2011

Never say "Are you PMSing?"

For any clueless guy out there, or a guy who may be the most intelligent person in the world, there are dangerous, no win words to say to a woman. One of those phrases happens to be "Are you PMSing?", "Are you on the Rag?", or "Is it that time of the month?".

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If I am angry for no reason whatsoever, the best thing to do is give me chocolate, a pizza, or a credit card. Just don't talk to me unless you have one of those things and are offering a peace offering.  You never know what you may have done to invoke the anger... so don't ask unless you really want to know everything you have done wrong in the last year or more.

Among the worst possible things to say is "Are you PMSing?". The bullet list below is all the reasons that is the wrong thing to say.
  1. If I am not suffering from PMS, then you have just angered me further.  
  2. If I am suffering from PMS, you have probably just found a one way ticket onto my facebook status report as the biggest jerk for asking that question.  (I usually don't post about really crappy things that happen in my life, but some people do... be warned)
  3. Unless you are my gynecologist, husband, wife, or significant other, I will not want everyone to know anyway.  We hide the fact.  I will lie anyway if I am PMSing.
  4. Some woman have no fact when they are about to get their period.  They may just think they are on the brink of a nervous breakdown.  Again, chocolate, pizza or a prepaid $250 credit card is the best way to help with these anger feelings.
  5. It is a mean question.  I have never heard that question asked nicely.  If a guy is mad for what appears to be no reason (there is always a reason) we can't say, "So.... are you HeMSing?" 
Sometimes we are angry because of inner guilt, not getting our way, hunger, or someone said something true that we don't want to complain about... only because it takes awhile to realize our faults.

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