Sep 1, 2011

It would have been a life changing car accident

Four or five years ago we were traveling on Interstate-80 in Pennsylvania.  We had just left Knoebels and were traveling to my in-laws who live about 2 hours from the park.  My husband was driving.

In an instant, the rain was falling like water being poured out of a bucket.  My husband had to slow down and back off from passing the truck.  I kept nagging him to stop passing the truck, we just couldn't see and the wash off of the truck was making it that much harder.  That is when I saw it.  I started pointing and babbling.  I couldn't make a coherent sound to save my life.

Not actual car, but looked a lot like this
A saw a vehicle coming through the median from the traffic going in the opposite direction.  The driver was headed straight for us.  I knew we were about to be in an awful car accident.  My husband waited to go anything.  He slowed down, staying in the lane as the other car came speeding in.  It smashed into the gas tank of the tractor trailer we had been trying to pass less than a minute before.  My husband watched as the other car started doing two 360s towards us and swerved into the median as the front end of their car nearly missed our Caravan.

If I had been driving, I can guarantee I would have just slammed on my brakes which may have put us in dangers way when the other car kept doing 360s.  It was also raining so ferociously that our vehicle could have hydroplaned as the offending car did.

We got out of the van because we were the closest to help the passengers in the car.  Cars will still coming fast on interstate 80.  Luckily, a vehicle two back that saw the accident was an off duty fireman and had flares and flags in his car.  As the fireman and my husband started running down the middle of the interstate to start slowing down traffic, I was at the smashed window of the two young women's car.

The dark haired driver was in shock and stunned.  From all the TV I watch, I knew it was important to have them turn off their car.  I asked her if she was alright.  She was, just in shock.  Nothing hurt yet.  I told her to turn off her car.  She stared at me blankly and told me she had to call her boyfriend.  I told her that she indeed should turn off her car after an accident like that in case something was leaking, we didn't need it to catch on fire.  She listened.  She then continued to sit in her car with traffic whizzing past.

Let me break for a moment to let you know that most of the horrific accidents I have seen on highways throughout my travels, have had a secondary accident from onlookers.  The same thing happens on TV.

I made sure the passenger was alright.  How could they be alright after crashing into a truck going at least 65?  She insisted she was alright.  Her window was smashed and the door wouldn't budge.  I was thinking that she had to get out of the car FAST!  I told her I would help her out.  She was just a tiny little thing, probably late teens.  She crawled into my arms and I put the hatchback of the van up so she could have somewhere safe to sit.  She was bleeding from all the glass wounds, but nothing serious.  I gave her our first aid kit.  I then helped the driver out of the car.  All of that took place in less than 2 minutes.

When I got back to my car, my son was sobbing!  I can remember telling him he HAD to stay in the van.  We were in the median in a pretty safe spot and the car was blocking traffic from the lane closest to our vehicle.   Everything turned out well.  Both girls were brought to the hospital via ambulance.

If anything had been different that day, I am sure it would have been a life-changing accident for us.  If my husband had continued trying to pass the truck, we would have been at the point of the truck that the car hit.  If I would have been driving, I am almost positive we would have been involved in the accident.  If there had not been a volunteer firefighter who witnessed the accident and was able to put down flags and flares and help stock traffic, things could have got bad too.

I read the newspaper article the next day and both girls were released the following day.

I can testify that sometimes miracles do happen.  I don't believe in just coincidences.

Have you ever been in a situation where you know that there was intervention on a higher authority that kept you safe?  If so, I would love to hear about it.

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