Sep 2, 2011

In my son's eyes

Yesterday I was lucky enough to go to a baseball game with my parents, two brothers and son.  I rod to the game with my mom, dad and son.  On the trip, my mom and I somehow got thinking about the time my Great-Grandmother told us that she was always on one diet or another.  She told her dad how his mom was talking about wanting to lose weight.  He exclaimed, "My mom isn't fat!  She wasn't ever fat."

My Great-Grandmother when she was 98
Anyone who knows my Great-Grandmother knows she wasn't a slim woman, but not overly fat either.  The clothes she wore in her time would probably equate to a 16 or 18 now.  My grandfather was in his late 70s when he exclaimed that his mother wasn't fat.

The story reminded me of the time that my twin sister had a blemish on her chin.  My son pointed to it and asked what it was.  Brenda told him it was a pimple and added, "just like your mom gets."  It was a matter-of-fact point since I have suffered with acne more than half my life.

My son, in his most disgusted voice, yelled, "My mom does not have pimples!"

He truly believed that I was perfect back then.  Now he can see my imperfections, but I wonder if he would still exclaim that I never had a blemish in my life.

Do your children see past your imperfections?  Wouldn't it be excellent if we could see past other people's imperfections like our children have seen past ours?


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