Sep 21, 2011

I moderate giveaway entries because I care

I have been sending out emails recently to people that I believe thought they submitted a blog comment for my newest giveaway, but for whatever reason the comment didn't show up.  I take the philosophy that there are more honest people.  Other entries they have done are legitimate, so should they be written off as cheaters?  I don't think they should be.

Every single person I sent an email to within the past 72 hours has had other legitimate entries.

First, I care about people who read my blog.  I believe that people shouldn't be judged based on one lousy mistakes.  I enter sweepstakes and blog giveaways.  If I made a mistake, I would rather be emailed and asked about it than judged.  I will treat you how I want to be treated.

Second, I know there are dishonest people. Dishonest people are in the minority.  However, I don't want a dishonest person to win the contest when there have been honest people submitting their entries. That is the main reason I go through and moderate the entries.  Yes, it takes SEVERAL hours, but it is worth it to me.  I would rather pick a winner, know that winner deserved it, than be done and hope the winner will love the prize and sponsor.

Third, I never want someone to say I cheat  There are people out there that don't trust blog giveaways for whatever reason.  I am thankful that rafflecopter has a build in widget that can choose the winner through  That takes the responsibility off of me of picking the same winner more than once.  I know some great blog owners that have chosen the same winner more than once and have been called a cheat.  They probably aren't cheating, the person probably puts in a lot of entries.  If I don't take the time to go through and verify each entry, is that fair to you?  I don't think it is.  I often wonder how many times I would have been the winner if people verified BEFORE the giveaway instead of seeing how many entries before or after mine were legitimate.

Please tell me, do you wish everyone would moderate their entries before choosing a winner?  I would rather get all entries that shouldn't be in their in the first place so I can make sure a genuine winner is being chosen the first time.  Would you be offended if you got an email asking you to do the mandatory comment or would you know the person was doing it to give you the chance you deserve?  Your advice means a lot to me.

I don't post the winners separately, you can always find the newest winners on the winner's page above.

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