Sep 9, 2011

Does anyone deserve to be hurt?

I finally broke down and told my son it was alright to hit someone if they hit him first, but only to defend himself.  If it is one punch, then I would much rather call the cops on the little deviant.  I never want my son to find out the power of a fist hitting the right spot, but I don't want other children to feel that he is an easy target.

I was the child who got tormented from middle school up.  My self-esteem was at an all time low by the time I graduated high school.  I was called fat (yes, I was heavy, but why call a fat girl names) and apparently no one in school was attracted to me.  I got my head slammed in my locker more times than I can count.

It got to the point with me that I didn't want to go to school.  I missed over 80 days of school one year because I didn't want to deal with it.  I now know that isn't a good way to deal with it, but it was what got me through my life.  I would rather get caught skipping school so I could get put into In School Suspension (ISS) than go to regular school with the children.

I wasn't a fighter.  I would rather take all of the cruel things people were saying to me and believe them then hurt anyone else.  After all, they didn't deserve to be physically or emotionally hurt.

I promised myself that my son would never have to deal with mean children.  Unfortunately, he has had his brunt of problems.  

Do you think it is alright to punch someone back if the person threw the first punch?  I am still thinking this question through.  If my son finally did hit someone, part of me would probably be glad he stuck up for himself, but the other part would definitely be sad that he had hurt someone else.  There is no joy in hurting anyone, at least I don't find how there could be any joy.

Think about it for a second please.  Does anyone deserve to be hurt?  Even the meanest, mouthiest, ugliest, or fattest person you know?  Do they deserve to be physically or emotionally hurt by you?

I guess I will never understand the bullies frame of mind.  Yes, the bully has power to be mean.  They also have the power to be nice.  Wouldn't it be so much easier to look at someone's faults and not be afraid to like the person for it.  Even if you can't like them, can you live with other people's faults?

I hope the next time someone wants to emotionally hurt me or my son, they will think about what joy it is bringing them.  

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