Sep 23, 2011

Do you want your "likes" to be private on Facebook? Here's how.

I know this may not be the smartest move on my part because I want you all to like my Facebook page and share it with all of your friends, but I also want you to be able to have your privacy on Facebook.  This won't affect those things that you share on Facebook.

Well, here it goes.

Step 1: Go to your Facebook page, sign-in and up near the top right corner you will see your name and Home.  Click on your name.

Facebook tip, step 1

Step 2: You will now be at your profile page.  You will see something like the image below.  Click on the edit profile button.

Step 3: You will now be at the screen where you can set some privacy settings.  You will want to click on the Activities and interest link.
 Step 4: You will now be at a screen that looks like this (but there won't be a drop down menu yet)
There is a link that says Other Pages You like with a arrow pointing down next to an icon.  Click on that icon to get the drop down menu.  Then click on only me and then you will be the only one to see the likes.

What did you think of that tip?  If you think some of your friends would enjoy learning how to do this, would you please like and share this on your Facebook page?  I am always looking for more people that read this that wouldn't mind liking my page.  Is there something else you want to know?


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