Sep 15, 2011

Be nicer to your children than other children

 I know there are many more good parents in the world than bad parents, so this goes to the ones that fall into the latter category.

Children do not decide whether or not you are going to get pregnant. The people who do the act are the ones making the decision, unless they are being forced. It is a fact that any time you do the act, there is always a small chance that you will end up pregnant. Nothing is 100% effective to prevent that.

I have recently read about mothers and fathers doing awful things to their children that they would never imagine doing to someone else's child. You all heard about the man who threw his son off of the boat, right?  Do you think he would do that to another child?  I don't.  How about the mother who glued her son's hands together? There is no way in the world that she would EVER do that to another child who didn't belong to her.

I have a son who is twelve.  He hasn't always listened to me, because he has his own free agency.  He does get disciplined.  Usually all I have to do is let him know he will not be playing his favorite game in the world for a week if he keeps up the bad behavior.  I don't spank him because it is not an effective discipline for him.  I got spanked and I turned out fine, but I was never abused.  There is a difference.

Children will not always listen to the caretaker.  Sometimes they are not going to want to do what they are told to do.  That is part of being a child, they don't deserve to be glued to a wall or pushed overboard.  

Next time you are upset with your child for whatever reason, think about how you would treat another child in the same situation.  Treat your child better than that.  Your child deserves it!

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