Sep 8, 2011

Are you a ball fan?

My son has loved any sport involving a ball since he could roll a ball around.  One of his favorite activities was rolling a big ball around the house.  The ball was seriously bigger than he was and he would run, jump into the ball and giggle. 

M when he was 2. 
After he had enough eye-hand coordination to catch a ball, he always wanted to play catch.  There is a problem with those little gloves though.  They aren't made to catch a baseball thrown at them.  My son would soon start running around with a bigger glove and could actually catch the ball when he still shorter than the bat.

Now my son wants to play football, basketball, volleyball, baseball and softball.  The only reason he can't play football is because we live in a place where football is played on Sunday.  I don't mind if he watched it on Sunday, but I don't want him missing church to have to run to a game and play.  I want him to be active, but there are some things more important than balls.

It is great exercise letting them play ball.  However, why are some boys born loving balls.  I don't remember buying him balls.  I remember buying him crayons, cars and little Winnie the Pooh things that wouldn't mess up the house.

My husband definitely wasn't a ball player.  My husband, by his account, was enrolled in dance classes.  He loved tools.  He also loved video games.  I am glad that he is no longer a perm-wearing, break dancing kind of guy.  He was also a ladies man... probably the ladies that didn't grow up watching football every Sunday and Monday.  I met him during the spring, so his distaste of football wasn't apparent until NASCAR season.  My husband soon learned that football is a good sport and you can yell all during it.  People usually don't take naps during football, unless their team is being whomped and they just want to forget their team ever played.  I have never sat through a NASCAR race on TV without sleeping... but I want to watch one in real life.

I figure, my son was born loving anything that rolled around because it was in my genes.  I can remember watching baseball at the Astro Dome.  I can remember watching my father slug softballs out of the park.  

I am so glad that football will be starting soon.  For those that love football, who's your favorite team?  I don't think I have a favorite team, but I do have favorite players.  If I had to pick a favorite team, it would probably be the Buffalo Bills, although they stink to high heaven.  I hope they will surprise me this year!


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