Aug 28, 2011

Why would you want to be famous?

Sometimes I start thinking of how much money famous actors make. The money is the only reason I can think of to be famous. Below are the reasons I wouldn't ever want to be famous:

  1. If I were to hug one of my guy friends, I would automatically by termed a cheater.  I can't imagine that being any good on my marriage.  No wonder so many celebrity marriages fail.
  2. After a good Thanksgiving meal and a photograph, anyone would think I was pregnant.  Face it, most of us can gain weight during Thanksgiving and know we aren't going to end up in a magazing with an arrow to our stomach stating that we must be pregnant because we have a baby bump.
  3. Back to the weight issue.  I would NEVER want to see my bumpy butt and thighs on a magazine cover with the headline "Worst Bikini Body".  
  4. I cannot remember anything.  I cannot imagine having to remember all of my lines.  That would be a little too much to have to remember.
  5. I may have to kiss a hot guy.  Yep, that isn't so bad, until I can't wipe the cheesy smile off of my face and my husband starts getting a little mad.  But then he would want to lock lips with some hot girl.  
  6. I would have to punch the first girl who said, "Look at how fat she is!".  Admit it, celebrities have to always hear crap about themselves.  How many of us would really want to hear all of the crud everyone thought about us.  Is it really part of their jobs, or are people just mean?  Who really cares what someone wears on the red carpet?  Why do people have to say mean, hurtful things to them?
So, why would you want to be famous?  Is it just so everyone knows who you are, or so you can make a lot of money?  Would all of the money be worth it?  Can you think of another reason you wouldn't want to be famous?

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