Aug 6, 2011

We found out how much our home will sell for

My beautiful, 1800 sq. foot home
After all the hard work my husband, son and I have put into our home, we found out that it will sell for $39,900 as a fixer upper.  We bought it for $45,000 about 9 years ago. 

Right now I am mad.  I am mad at Allstate for insuring our home after a full inspection then less than a year later stating that the roof was bad so they won't pay for the damaged roof that happened in a storm.  I am mad at myself for selling a home that doubled in value on Cape Cod so I could move back to New York.  I am mad at the neighbor right across the way for putting their house on the market right when we were about to.

I know that the other people don't deserve my anger.  I am trying to remind myself that it is just part of life. 

My husband and I have put a lot of hard work into the home.  We refinished the kitchen, downstairs bathroom and upstairs bathroom. 

To rebuild the home, it would cost about $168,000.  Perhaps I would do better financially by tearing out all of the hardwood and selling it.  I definitely feel like pulling up my Yucca plant and bring it with me.  It may be logical to bring the washer, dryer, fridge and stove with me and sell that. 

Perhaps tomorrow I will feel better. 

Perhaps tomorrow my husband, son and I will finally decide to just leave our town and get across the country with a car and a prayer. 

Right now, chocolate and my family's love with get me through the depression I am feeling right now. 


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