Aug 26, 2011

Useful information for attending twitter parties

 **Edited to add that @resourcefulmom let me know that it is perfectly alright with her for people to be in two parties at the same time.  So, now I don't feel dishonest doing it.  (her tweet)

Twitter parties are a great way to get to know other people, find out about products, and sometimes there are prizes to be given away.  You can find out about twitter parties by following me @rsmstahley on twitter and keeping an eye out on my stream.  I don't find out about every party, but I find out about enough of them.

The first thing I always do is set up a tweetgrid for the party.  There are other programs you can use, but I have always used tweetgrid.  With tweetgrid, it will automatically tweet the hashtag you need to use so people can follow what you are saying in the party.  I also make sure to follow the hashtag in one of the columns.  In another column I set up the people I need to follow for the party.  The third column is my username so I can see what people are saying to me.

The most important thing is to make sure to answer the questions that the host is asking.  Most of the time I will have the host open directly in my twitter so I can see as soon as she writes something.

I have found a lot of people that I enjoy following.  Blog writers seem to attend a lot of the twitter parties.  I haven't been in a twitter party where I didn't learn something from the other people in the party.

Do you have a question about a twitter party that I can answer for you?  Do you have any other hints or tips for twitter parties?


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