Aug 3, 2011

Tomorrow never comes

Only three more days until the Realtor shows up at our house to look it over and tell us what we can get for it.  My son has been the only help cleaning the house because my husband has been busy fixing everything up that needs to get done.

Every single day my son has said that he doesn't want to clean today, he wants to clean tomorrow.  I keep telling him that if we keep waiting until tomorrow, the house will never get clean.

I wonder what it is about trying to put something off until tomorrow that really needs to get done today?

I am not a happy dancing, whistling lady as I am cleaning.  I turn into this woman barking out orders.  It never helps when I have to fight before hand and have to make a logical statement about why we have to clean tomorrow.  Cleaning tomorrow instead of today is what got us into this huge mess anyway.

As a grown up, I still suffer from letting things wait until tomorrow.  The fact is, I don't want to do whatever it is that needs to get done.  For me, tomorrow turns into next week until I am staying awake at night knowing there aren't any more tomorrows.

I have told myself that I am going to start doing things that need to get done right away so they don't build up.  I never want my house to take 4 days to completely clean from the top to the bottom.  If I keep up with the house, it will take about 2 hours.  It will have to get cleaned every day while it is on the market, then every day until we sell it.

I know some other people that have tomorrows about different things.  Some people are awesome at cleaning their houses.  Do any of you have Chronic Tomorrowitis as well?

Other aspects in my life that I am going to stop saying "I will do it tomorrow" are: paying bills, exercising, grocery shopping, and laundry.  I know I am an example for my son.  I want him growing up knowing that there are things that need to get done daily and cannot wait.

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