Aug 21, 2011

They came and left

My sisters flew in on Thursday.  My mom was the only one that knew they were flying in.  When I saw my sisters, it was so wonderful knowing they were here.  I had waited 5 months and knew I was going to see them in October when my older sister had her baby girl.  Nothing changes with a sister relationship.  We were joking around and helping watch the other children in no time.

While they were here, we were able to go to the zoo, a AAA baseball game, go out and eat, hang out daily and watch a softball tournament. 

Watching them pull out in the van they came back to claim was so sad.  My older sister cries and my brothers little girl was heartbroken and was crying when she saw her best friend drive away.  My twin sister knew the inevitable was coming and was ready to get the long journey from New York to Utah started. 

I wish I could express the joy of having sisters that are also my best friends.  We do the things together that friends do.  When we get annoyed with each other, as siblings sometimes do, we can always work the problems out in less than a days time.  We were raised that we should work everything out before we leave each other, because if something tragic were to happen, we would never be able to say we love each other again.


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