Aug 5, 2011

Jacks, a punishment for adults

Yesterday my son found his game of Jacks that had been well hidden.  I can remember them coming home over 3 years ago.  I put them up and forgot about them.

I couldn't remember how to play Jacks but my son wanted to play.  My father is a wise man so we brought the Jacks to my parents' home.  My father's eyes lit up when he was explaining the idea of Jacks is to bounce the ball and try to pick up one jack.  Then you bounce the ball and try to pick up two Jacks.  The end of the game is bouncing a ball and picking up 10 Jacks.

I remember hiding the Jacks because they are punishment.  If a child doesn't pick up his Jacks, inevitably, a parent will end up stepping on one.  The stepping usually results in jumping up and down on one foot.  After the age of 35, jumping up and down seems as difficult as it does to a one year old.

Stepping on a Jack also usually involves a word being said that no one in the household should EVER say.  Then comes the explanation that yes, it is a very bad word and I probably do deserve some sort of punishment.

Legos are another toy that really hurts to step on.  I cannot think of many other toys besides Legos and Jacks that cause parents to jump on one foot and say a word that they haven't said since they found out it shouldn't be said.

Why do we buy our children these toys?  Why don't we throw them away as soon as we get them?  Perhaps it is because the toys remind us of our simpler childhood when we didn't sit in front of a computer or video game.  Perhaps, it is to punish ourselves as we use to punish our parents.

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