Aug 25, 2011

Is it still cheating if you follow the rules?

I love sweepstakes.  I love winning!  I love getting to know other people on twitter parties.

However, I have started noticing some oddities about people doing just about anything to win.  I want your opinions on the following.
  1. Do you think it is fair if someone just joins in the end of a twitter party to win a Grand Prize if they haven't been there the rest of the party?
  2. Do you think it is right to be at more than one twitter party at the same time?
There aren't any rules about when you have to show up at most twitter parties.  There aren't any written rules about how many parties you can or cannot attend at the same time.  It isn't literally cheating to show up in the last ten minutes to try to win the best prize of the night, but somewhere inside of me, I don't think it is something that is right. 

I try not to join a twitter party at the end because if I did win something, I wouldn't want to be called a cheater or greedy.  I worry too much about other people's perception of me.  I would rather stay out of any controversy if I can.  If I am 15 minutes late, I don't mind joining it.  If I start the party, get sidetracked by life happening, then come back in a bit, I don't think that is cheating.

When there is more than one twitter party going at the same time, I pick one party and give the sponsor and guests my full attention.  However, I noticed that there are some people who are at all of the parties, participating and retweeting.  They appear to be good people that I like and correspond with.  If I didn't like you, I definitely wouldn't continue following you on twitter.  Sometimes people going to more than one of the parties will win at more than one of the parties. 

If there is anyone reading this that hosts a twitter party, can you tell me if the sponsor or hosts cares about the party goes attending more than one party at a time?  Does it make the sponsor upset when someone wins who hasn't been at a party for more than the Grand Prize at the end?

What do you all think about what I have stated above?  Do you think it matters at what point someone joins the party?  Do you think it matter how many parties someone is at during the same time period.

I realize that I may get torn apart here.  There are people that don't like me because of my opinions.  I also realize that there may be people that agree with me.  Please let me know what you think.
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