Aug 22, 2011

How I cleaned my cluttered house

If someone were to walk up to my door right now, I could let them in and wonder around the house without worrying about any mess or clutter.  For those that have been in my house, you know that is a monumental occasion. Our house is for sale so we needed to make it look terrific.  Our house took a lot of hard work to get it to the stage it is at, but if we could do it, anyone should be able to do it.

Cluttered, dirty house before

I started off by buying a lot of totes and contractor garbage bags.  The first step was to go through each room and make piles.  One pile went straight into the trash bag because it was garbage.  The second pile is stuff I still need to go through, but it is in storage.  The third went into boxes or is stuff I need in everyday living.

The garbage pile was the easiest.  It is amazing all of the garbage that I had bought at one time thinking I would actually use.   It is also amazing what can be found when deep cleaning a child's room.  That could be another blog post in itself.  It was much easier for my husband to throw my garbage away and for me to throw his away.  If it was something someone else could use, we put it on the curb with free on it. 

The pile that is now waiting in storage for me to go through was piled on our dining room table.  It was the pile of stuff that I wanted, but wasn't sure I needed.  My husband will probably have to go through that and throw things away that he knows I have an emotional attachment to but haven't used and will never use.  The pile also contains papers that I have to shred.  I still need to buy a shredder, but don't want to buy it before I move.  The pile also consisted of Tupperware I "needed" but still haven't used.  It is the other crock pot I may need someday.  The little pins I had bought because my son wanted them.  The items with memories, but I will never use them again, but they are hard to throw away.

The third pile was things I will use and don't want to buy again.  It amazes me that most of the third pile are things such as pots and pans, vacuum, clothes, and tools.  There is so much that we have that we don't use that often. 

The deep cleaning came next.  I dislike cleaning because it seemed whenever I cleaned, another room got messy from everything I would throw into it. This time, there wasn't that additional mess because I packed things.  We prepared ourselves with paper towels, cleaning chemicals, latex gloves, wood polish, Lemon Oil and more garbage bags.  When I say we, I mean my son and I.  My husband has been in charge of the repairs.  We went through and conditioned the wood floors and baseboards with lemon oil.  It also cleaned them.  We still need to get stains off of the wallpaper, so if any of you have tricks on doing that, we would be happy to hear.

My clean house now
I posted a picture of the clutter before and now I will show you the after.  It amazes me that my house could have always been this clean.  It only takes about 30 minutes to clean from the top of my house to the bottom.  Freedom!

Have any of you overcome your not so clean house and keep it clean everyday?  How did you go about doing it?  If you think this post may help someone else, please share it with the buttons below.


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