Aug 29, 2011

He still holds my hand

There are many things a twelve year old boy won't do that he wouldn't hesitate doing when he was in Kindergarten. There is no way in the world he is going to kiss me when I drop him off at school. He will whisper that he loves me, but won't yell it out as I try to leave him.

When he was a youngster, I wouldn't let him cross the street unless he had my hand. It was my safety net for him. I knew that if he fell, I could pick him up so he wouldn't get ran over. I knew he wouldn't try crossing another street as long as I had his hand.

holding hands

The other day we were walking together and he grabbed my hand. I almost told him that he didn't need to hold my hand anymore, but I hesitated. Of course, I don't make him hold my hand and haven't for years. A big part of me wants to hold onto the hand holding as long as I can. He won't be holding my hand for much longer, I can promise that.

Children grow up so fast. I remember when he would cuddle with me so I could put him to sleep. A plastic bandage would fix most of his hurts. Now, he knows if it isn't bleeding, a bandage isn't going to fix the problem.

Is there something you hold onto dearly now that your children are growing up?

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