Aug 24, 2011

Have you won anything this month?

This month has been the worst winning month for me since I started entering sweepstakes, contests and giveaways.  I can attribute it to more people staying home with their children, unemployment and it being plain hot and sticky outside. 

I want to know if any of you seem to be winning less frequently too.  If you are winning more, congratulations!  If you are winning less, are you as frustrated as me?  If you haven't won anything this month, we should set up a date for a pity party twitter party.

It seems that there are more blog giveaways, which I usually have better luck winning.  It also seems that the blog entries have actually had less entries than they did a year ago, but I am still not winning anything. 

It baffles the mind. 

Are you winning more, less, or about the same?   


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