Aug 30, 2011

Another year of sending my son to the wolves

I cannot be the only mother who doesn't look forward to the beginning of school. I enjoy spending time with him during the summer and hearing his cheerful laugh. He has a keen sense of humor and loves making other people laugh.

When I send my son to school, there isn't a day that goes by without some mean child saying something about his weight. It doesn't matter that my son towers over most of the children by at least 3 inches. He is on the heavy side, but what makes it alright to make fun of him for it. Trust me, if you are big, you know it. You don't need someone pointing out the fact that you are bigger than average.

Last year, my son got punched in the nose. The child wasn't disciplined according to the school rules.  We had other talks with the Vice Principal during the school year when teachers didn't discipline children who were making fun of him.  When does it stop being "just children being children" to "bully"? 

This year, I let my son know if anyone physically harms him and there isn't a teacher around who does anything, he is allowed to defend himself and even punch the kid back if he needs to.  I believe anyone who tries to beat a bigger kid may deserve the lesson that sometimes big kids can hit back.  If he is getting made fun of, tell a teacher as soon as it happens.  Yes, he will be called a tattle-tail, but something really needs to get done about the mean children.  If no one tells on them, and their behavior continues to hurt until my son doesn't even want to go to school anymore, then it really is a problem that goes beyond "children being children".

Yes, I am dreading sending him back to school.  I hope that this year will be different than last year, but after my Junior High and High School experience, I believe that the mean children will continue to get meaner without any discipline.

Do you dread sending your child to school?  Has anyone you know been bullied?  If yes, was anything done to stop the bullying, or did it continue?

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