Jul 12, 2011

Second Opinions

I am sharing the following story with you because I hope that it may help at least one parent. If your child has a medical problem that isn't getting better, don't be afraid to demand to see a specialist.

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My son has had really bad stomach problems for several months. He would wake up in middle of the night crying. He would also look like he was in severe pain several times during the day. He has missed several days of school throughout the school year. I would take him to the doctor when he was missing school because I wanted to know what the problem was.

The pediatrician would always run the same tests on him, which consisted of an xray, blood work, and probing his abdomen with their fingers. They would always tell us it was acid reflux and give us a new medication. The medication never worked and I would be back the next month... or sooner. That cycle had been going on for several months. Finally at the last visit I told them I wanted to be referred to a specialist. I was sure that there was something awful going on in my son's body that wasn't being caught.

Today we drove for over 1½ hours to get to a pediatric gastroenterologist. The new specialist asked me questions about when his stomach hurt and then did several tests. He was very thorough with the questionnaire. If he has questions about my answers, he asked. In less than an hour, he was able to tell me what my son's diagnosis was.

He is constipated and has been for a long time! I couldn't believe it! I was sure doctor #1 was doing the Xrays to find poop. My son poops everyday, at least once. Apparently, you can still poop and be constipated. Doctor #1 even told me that he wasn't constipated. I had been giving my son medicine that he didn't need.

Second opinions can be costly, but so can a bunch of wasted doctor visits, tests and medications that isn't needed.

As parents, we know when something is wrong with our child. We are so lucky to have doctors help us with diagnosing our child, but sometimes second opinions are needed. Trust your instinct with your child.

Have you or your child ever had a problem that wasn't being solved? Have you ever got a second opinion or third opinion and been happy you did?


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