Jul 16, 2011

Plus sized and minus sized people

Yesterday as I was trying to fall asleep I started thinking about going clothes shopping. I need to buy some new shirts since most of mine are now dabbled with some sort of stain.

My minus sized Sis-in-Law and I
The clothing search usually begins by finding a sign that says Women's or Plus Sizes. I am sure if I looked closer the women's sign would have small print that says big above it, because I don't see anything smaller than a size 16. However, upon further examination in this store, I see other women trying on clothes in a different section. Part of me wants to run over and tell these other women that they are obviously shopping in the wrong section and point out the overhead sign as proof. I would like to hear their explanation as to why they are older than me yet shopping in the Junior or Misses section.

Who came up with these signs anyway? I think if there is a plus size there should be a minus and equal size. You can't tell me that the runway models wouldn't be minus size. Is size 0 really a size? I once went shopping for someone that fit into a size zero. It seemed a waste that she only got a $2 discount from what my size cost, because I could have made her two skirts from my pant legs. Like I said, buy one get one free.

I like skinny people... but their clothes are going to forever be minus sized in my eyes now.

Have you ever thought about the section name you get your clothes out of? What are some labels you think would be better or more fitting for women's clothing?


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