Jul 11, 2011

Plump single woman

I told my twin sister that I was having a hard time coming up with something to blog about.  She told me what she would blog about and with her permission, I am using her idea.

The rules of this are, if you know a nice single guy, you must share this with him.   If anyone wants to connect with her, she is @BrownEyedBren 

Now, who wants to help her find a date? 

My Twin Sister

Here is what she said:

I have been trying to lose weight for a little while, but sometimes I do consider myself fortunate for being a plumper version than I am used to.

First: Some men that I am interested in can't just say, "No, I am not interested".They are worse than my doctor by always bringing my weight into it. I am fortunate because I can weed people out faster
than my thinner counterparts. I know who is shallow and rude right away, thinner people need to wait awhile. When I was thinner... I found out after wasting time dating that they were rude and not for me.

Second: I can say I have a good memory.  Some of my thinner friends report that they forget important things, like eating. Now, my memory might be a little on the rough side, but I remember important things like eating.

Third: More one on one time with my doctor.  Since I have gained weight, my doctor runs more tests on me. Now, when I went into him with a sinus infection, he spent time letting me know I shouldn't drink pop or eat snacks... I think he was going to continue on to exercise, but he knew I was still contemplating the first few things. I never had so much doctor time to make sure I was healthy as I do now!

Fourth: More points on Credit Cards
Everytime I go into a store and buy clothes, I need to spend $2 to $10 more for a few extra inches of fabric that I didn't have when I was thinner. These points really do add up fast! Thank you chains all over America for this chance... and for making people think I am richer.

Fifth: When I go exercising now, people hear me coming and move out of the way. When I was thinner and walking or running, I must have treaded lighter and had to get off the well beaten path. Nope, not anymore... people are so much nicer to me

If you found this funny, or want me to have a chance to date someone you like, please share this.


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