Jul 28, 2011

Not forcing beliefs on others

For the new readers, I am a Mormon, which means I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Part of our belief is the Word of Wisdom, which means that we believe we shouldn't smoke anything, drink any form of alcohol or drink coffee. 

My parents were both converts to the church, which means that they were both baptized.  Neither of them have parents or siblings that are members. 

As a child, I can remember the time my Grandmother flew to visit us.  She was drinking coffee.  I wasn't seven years old yet.  I can remember her walking toward my front door and I told her that she wasn't allowed in the home while she was drinking coffee.  She stopped and my mother stopped dead in her tracks. I can only imagine what my mother was thinking.  My Grandmother kind of laughed and stayed outside.  My mother let her know that she could go inside. 

That was one of the my first learning experiences about not forcing what I believe on someone else.  Now that I am older, I realize how every person believes something different.  Even members of the same faith can have different life lessons that have taught them something.

My Grandmother taught me that day that we can still love and accept people when they try to force their beliefs on people.  We have to understand that beliefs are what make people who they are.  I have friends of just about every religious background. 

I have tried to teach my son since he was a young child that good people do things that we don't agree with.  It doesn't make them a bad person.  We do things that other people don't agree with and I don't think we are bad people.

Did you ever do something because of a belief when you were younger that has taught you a lesson as you have got older?


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