Jul 1, 2011

My Mom said...

You never know what they are going to say.
"My mom said you...." is the scariest word combination spoken for a mother. I think of anything humiliating, judgmental, or mean that I could have said in the last two months.  Most of the time I cannot remember what I said. I sit there with a weird grin anticipating what is going to come out of my beloved child's mouth.

Mothers aren't sure whether they should remind their child there is pie at home if they are GOOD or just cover their child's mouth and run when this happens. Most of the time, we hope it will get over fast so we should know whether we are about to be the scum of a mother or praised throughout the land.

"My mother said that I can't play video games." I nod my head, the odd grin I had on my face gone. The other person's face is no longer looking a bit stressed at what the other Mom could have said. It all ends well.

The point of this post is to remind all parents that children do hear what we are saying. I learned during my son's human recorder phase that not only did he hear everything I said, he remembered it, and could say it verbatim. I didn't yell at him, it wasn't his fault. It is human to not always be happy.

I know I am not the only mother that hates that word combination, because our children will say what they heard to anyone about anybody.


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