Jul 21, 2011

My first memories

My father walking my son
Everyone has a first memory.  Most of the time, your first memory will have a family member in it.  I hope that your first memory is a positive one, but what I have found from talking with other people is there is a strong emotion that seats that memory in our brains.

My first memory was from a vacation.  After talking with my parents, both of my memories were from the same vacation.  My first memory was a happy memory.  My father had bought my sisters and I sunglasses.  We were able to pick them up ourselves.  I don't know why that was so special of a moment that it became embedded in my head when I was only two years old, but it did.  The second memory was from being terrified because my sisters had just been carried out into the ocean by a wave.  My father swam out and got them and everyone was safe.

Life is about memories.  I hope that my son will have wonderful memories of my husband and I.  His first memory is of hiding in a closet because there was a huge fire outside our house that an arsonist caused.  He remembers being terrified of the fire.

Memories are what we will share with our children and grandchildren about people they might not know.  They are our portal to our childhood.  My child still has a hard time believing I was young, but one day when he is telling stories to his children, he will believe me that I had a normal childhood too.

I try to do fun things with my son so he will have good memories of his childhood.  I hope he will remember the good times over the bad times.

Memories are usually made with the people you adore in life.  I have tried to do many things with my son so he can have fond memories of his childhood.

When you think of your first memory, is a family member in it?  What was the emotion in your first memory?
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