Jul 26, 2011

My answer to Mr. President's News Conference

I know one rule is that we aren't suppose to talk about politics, but I think it is time we let our leaders know how we feel about the debt crisis.  Something needs to get done in a week.  My opinion is that we cannot just raise taxes, but there has to be trillions of dollars in taxes done.  The United States has to stop spending money we don't have.

Sometimes I read something and it makes no sense to me. You can read the transcript here about the debt crisis: http://blogs.wsj.com/washwire/2011/07/15/transcript-of-obamas-news-conference-2/

President Obama states "And we have to do it the same way a family would do it.  A family, if they get over-extended and their credit card is too high, they don’t just stop paying their bills.  What they do is they say, how do we start cutting our monthly costs?  We keep on making payments, but we start cutting out the things that aren’t necessary.  And we do it in a way that maintains our credit rating.  We do it in a way that’s responsible — we don’t stop sending our kids to college; we don’t stop fixing the boiler or the roof that’s leaking.  We do things in a sensible, responsible way.  We can do the same thing when it comes to the federal budget."

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I can tell you from my own experience that people really do stop fixing the roof that's leaking.  Looking around town, there are a couple of roofs that are tarped.  Mine is one of them.  My husband and I cannot afford our taxes, house payment, electricty, gas payment, food, and insurance AND get our roof fixed.  It is impossible to get the $8500 to fix our roof.  We cannot do it.  

Let me pretend like I was the government though.  I simply go to the board and ask them to give me more money although everyone knows I cannot afford it.  Then I cry and go to the public because I don't want to cut any of my spending, I just want more.  I don't want to stop sending foreign aid.  I don't want to bring home a couple extra thousand troops and let them help out on our own territory.  I don't want to take a pay cut and make other people on the payroll take a paycut.  I don't want to stop giving tax breaks for companies that send their products overseas and take away American jobs.  I just want more money and I want to get reelected.

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I think before you talk about what people who are in debt do to survive, you should talk to the people that make less than $50,000 a year and pay for taxes, housing, food, clothes, gas, and electricity.  Some people would love to make $400,000 a year, or even as much as their congress person.  

You should probably talk to someone who broke his ankle, couldn't afford the health insurance, and had to get rid of cable and his car.

You could also talk to the family where both parents work to survive and can barely afford their house payment and food.  They have forgot what fun is because they can't have any because they know if they do, they won't be able to make a house payment.

Talk to the people that have walked away from homes they love because they cannot afford it.  Don't talk about raising taxes.  Most people I know cannot afford any extra money taken out of their paychecks. 

I guess I am fed up with hearing what people in debt do and don't do.  I understand that something has to be done so we don't make a global economic crisis, but something has to give.  The people collecting Social Security need their money, so you can't take that away.  The insurance and welfare payments need to go out.  The government employees need to get paid.  I say start with a pay deduction for any elected government official to the median rate that the people in their state make.  Heck, just give them the $405 that people on unemployment make... let them live on that.  After living on that for a week most politicians will

Next, about foreign aid.  I think if we have to be taxed that the money should really be staying here.  I am not paying taxes so you can give my money away to another country.

This is my rant because people really do give up things when they are in debt.

Does anyone agree with me after reading the statement that the government really doesn't understand too much about the American lower class?

If you want to leave a comment, share, or like this, please do so below.  I would really like a comment from a Representative, Senator or someone else about how we can get America back  out of debt.


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