Jul 2, 2011

The most embarrassing thing I have ever done.

I want to thank Dan Pearce at Single Dad Laughing for his post.  I was actually crying I was laughing so hard.  

When someone asks me if I have ever done anything embarrassing, I will usually shake my head or tell them about the time I was at the zoo and held my Dad's hand. It was all good in theory until I saw my dad and the rest of the family looking at me across the way and I was still holding someone's hand. I saw my sister looking at my funny and I still couldn't let go. I was frozen. I remember looking at the other side of the man and there was his wife, just looking at me. I couldn't let go. My sister had to come and ungrasp hand from this mans. And my whole family laughed at me.

But that isn't the most embarrassing story. This story is the one that people say no..... that isn't the most embarrassing story. Don't you remember the time....

This is me
I shake my head. I don't want to remember that time. You can't make me. I have blocked it from my head. Then they start for me. This story will be in the third person since it couldn't have possibly really happened.

It was Susan's first day of work. She was still being trained, but some idiot genius thought it would be a good idea to make Susan announce that the customer could pick up his or her car. 

Susan shakes her head no.  She didn't know part of her job was getting on the store wide intercom.  She hates talking on the phone.  She stalls and the trainer shows her how it is done.  Of course, the men in the shop have to keep changing oil and putting on tires, so soon enough Susan needs to announce the next customer's car is done.

Joe, the evil training dude, presses the store intercom button and hands Susan the phone.  She builds up her confidence and starts, "Attention Kmart customers, (insert anyone's name here... no one remembers that part anyway), your car is ready to be picked up."

Victory, Susan has finished her first intercom session.  She looks over at her manager with a big smile.  He actually looks like he may die, his face is pale.  Looking back, I can actually remember hearing the snickering and shock.  "Who just said that?"

After I tell you this small tidbit of information, go back up and read what I said over the intercom.  I worked at WalMart.

If this made any of you laugh, share it.  It is always great to share someone's most embarrassing day with the rest of the world.  Then you can follow me through facebook, twitter, or email (all the buttons are up on the right sidebar).

What was your worst moment?  The one that you may have blocked out of your moment until just this instant?


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