Jul 5, 2011

The mohawk

Have you ever done anything as a parent that you didn't think you would EVER do?  Well, you will see my son's mohawk below.  I cut it myself.  It was one of the things I didn't think my son would ever have.

I told myself that people shouldn't judge him based on his hairstyle.  I am amazed by how many people stare at him as he is walking by.  He is the same kind, caring child with or without the hairstyle.  The first time he told me he wanted a mohawk I explained all the reason that he shouldn't get one.  Most of it was because of how people may perceive him.

The annual mohawk

I also told myself that he could have it once a year for a week.  It would give him what he wanted and wouldn't hurt because he wouldn't go to school or church with it.

My son is now growing his hair out for the annual mohawk that will be happening the second week in August.  Do you have stereotypes of people with mohawks?  I can tell you that I did.  I won't tell you what they were.  Now I believe they are only people with an untypical haircut.  Maybe there are trying to get a rise out of people, perhaps they just like the fact that it makes them look taller.

Have you ever done something to make your child happy that you didn't think you would ever do?  What do you think of last years mohawk?


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