Jul 14, 2011

The lemon in your life

My great-grandmother was once eating a dinner with mixed vegetables.  We were talking with her when she started picking out all the squash from her dinner and putting it off to the side of her plate.  She exclaimed, "I know a lemon when I see one."  My twin sister and I had to move out of her hearing and sight zone so we could laugh hysterically.  We never told her that her lemons were squash.  My mother and older sister kept talking to her chuckling the whole time.

The above story made me think about how I may see something compared to how you may see a situation or person.

How many times in life have we cast someone or something off to the side because we saw them differently than we should have?

The "lemon" in your life could be anything.  People aren't always like they seem from the outside.  That stuck-up person may be shy or may have been hurt in the past and doesn't want to put themselves out to get hurt.  By judging people, we may be missing out on one of our best friends.

The "lemon" could be the guy at the gas station with a sign asking for food to help feed his family.  Some people may see him as a guy who truly needs help and will help him.  Other people may see him as a nuisance to society who deserves the fate that has been handed down to him.  As human beings, we can make someone's life better.

The "lemon" could be the child at school who everyone picks on.  No one deserves to be humiliated.  Next time you hear that, step up to the plate and let the aggressors know that the situation is wrong.  Let the person who is being made fun of know that they are an important person who doesn't deserve that.

The "lemon" could be the houses with the tarp on the roof.  Some people may see them as someone who doesn't care about a house.  That person may want nothing more than to fix the roof, but are in a situation where they actually love the house, but are in a financial situation where they cannot fix it.  Every night they pray for someone to help them.

There are so many lemons out there that are actually squash.  Take the time to find out the difference before casting the lemon off to the side.

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