Jul 29, 2011

Jose can you see?

I spent many Spring days of my childhood watching the Houston Astros.  That was also the time frame that Jose Cruz played for the Astros.  Every single game, everyone stood and would start singing "Jose can you see...".  I can remember thinking how cruel it was for everyone to make fun of this guy.  Yes, he made some awful plays, but so did other players.  He also struck out his fair share of times at the base.  None of the other players were picked on though.  There was injustice in the world and I wasn't even 8.

photo from sxc.hu
When we moved from the Houston area to New York State, I learned that the song was our National Anthem.   I finally realized that everyone in the stadium wasn't making fun of Jose Cruz.  I also learned that it was "Oh Say can you see?".

Apparently, I may have been the only one in the stadium that was making fun of Jose.  I bent to peer pressure.

Children sometimes go along with the crowd without understanding why.  Sometimes, children do what their parents do because they have complete faith in their parents making wise decisions.

I once punished my son for swearing.  I look back on that and realize it was an effective punishment since he has never uttered a swear word again.  I also know that he had no clue what he was saying... he had heard the words spoken in anger and he was angry when he spoke the words.

I try to remember that children are still learning about the world they were brought into.  They didn't ask to be born.  It is up to the people around the children to help them understand the world.  If we don't teach them, they will learn on their own.


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