Jul 20, 2011

Husbands are still boys

My guys are 24 years apart.  When they are playing together they seem like they are the same maturity.  When they aren't playing together, it is more evident that they are father and son.

Bonding time in DC

I cannot be the only mother that has to tell the guys to calm down before someone gets hurt.  Honestly, I am never sure if it is going to be my husband or son getting hurt first.  If they decide to play a video game together, you would be pretty sure you were listening to two 14 year olds.

Listening to Son:"There is more ammo right in front of me"
Husband:"They killed me again with one shot!"
Husband:"I don't have any grenades!"
Son:"I only have one."

Sometimes I am sure that people wonder if there is a real problem going on in our house.  They will yell, "I am down!  Why were you just standing there?"

There is a lot of talk about grenades and shot guns in my house during the week.  If my house was ever bugged we would be convicted because of video game talk. 

I used to be clearly the favorite parent.  I know I am cool because I cook, clean and make sure my son gets clean.  I also was a ton of fun because I would bring him to the movies and miniature golfing.  Somewhere along the way, my husband snuck in and became the favorite parent.  Now my husband cannot do anything wrong.  I always wondered when my son would see why I married his father.

I would not change their relationship, but would love to change the games.

Do any of you remember ever favoring one parent over the other?  Did anyone have any fond father bonding moments?


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