Jul 19, 2011

First impressions

I am concerned about what people's first impression of me will be when I am in a new location. It has taken several years to make the friend's I have now. They love me for being me. I think my friends would describe me with the following words: blunt, caring, brutally honest, unfashionable, modest, sarcastic, funny, loyal, inpatient and a realist.

To demonstrate my point, let me tell you my viewpoint of the first time I met my husband. My sister and I were driving from 10 hours away to meet someone I had been chatting with on the computer. We got lost because of awful directions given by this man. My husband still thinks we didn't follow the good directions well. We finally get there and I am hungry.  He is chit chatting and I tell him we have to go get something to eat.

Mr. Husband and I within a month of meeting
He makes it to the restaurant, without getting lost, and we order the food.  The talking seems to concentrate around everything... including how they must be killing the meat in the back so it will be fresh.  Somewhere I also throw in how the directions were awful (bluntness).  The food seemed to take so long (inpatience)!   Our food finally arrived and I eat everything on my plate. It was a Reuben Melt with fries. My first drink had vanished by the first half of the reuben melt. It was free refills, but I didn't see any refills coming at all. My future husband sees me eyeing his drink. I am trying to think of a good way to convince him that I need the rest of his drink. Finally, I just ask him. He must have really liked me because he let me gulp down the rest of his drink.

Girls, if he is good enough to kiss on the first date, you can certainly drink the rest of his beverage. If he doesn't let you, I probably wouldn't kiss him either.

I left and he flew me back two weeks later. We have been together ever since.  I could have decided to suffer in my dehydrated state.  I could have ate a salad, but that isn't me.  When I meet someone, I want them to know exactly who I am.  Sometimes I will have my hair in a bun and be wearing sweatpants.  I want people to love me because of what is in the inside.  My husband and friends here seem to like me for the post part, but I am nervous other people won't

I hope that the people I meet in Nevada will be accepting of my flaws and good times. Although I am mid-thirty, I still need friends.

What do you look for in friendships?  Have you ever moved and had to start all over in the friendship department?


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