Jul 27, 2011

Fashion for the color blind

 My 12 year old son has his own, unique sense of fashion.  I should clarify that he has his own sense of comfortable.  He is also color blind which adds a whole new dimension to fashion.  My son can't tell the difference between certain grays and pinks.  He is also in the 99% for his height and weight which means he is shopping in mens' clothing instead of boys.

When he was 6 and still wore pajamas, but always loved hoodies
For most color blind people, they can't tell the difference between UPS truck brown and green.  Yes, the UPS truck is green for two people in my life.  They also can't tell between Gray and pink which stinks if you are a young guy wearing something you shouldn't have to school.    Purple looks blue.  You get how this bit of drama can't be good for a boys fashion.

At this point in my son's life, he is getting his own fashion sense.  His favorite pair of jeans are Levis.  He has jeans from many different stores, but now he has me check out for when Levi jeans are on sale.  He needs the relaxed fit so he can be comfortable.  He prefers the light colored denim, but I prefer the dark denim.  I am trying to learn that he deserves what he wants, even if I prefer something else on him.

Now that it has been boiling hot outside, he wears shorts.  Any color and size shorts will do.  He doesn't care if they are his fathers or his.  At this point, the only thing I get a say in is that he can't wear them if they stink.

Hanging out in Gettysburg with his jeans, hoody and sweatshirt
In the winter time he loves wearing hoodies over his t-shirts.  When I would buy his clothing without him having any say, I always got him the brightest colors so I could spot him easily when he was emerging from school with the rest of the herd.  Now, he prefers colors that are black,brown, or grey for his hoodies.  His t-shirts have to have some phrase or picture on them or he won't wear them.

Now, back to the color blindness.  He once grabbed one of my hoodies which his father told him to take off. He went outside with his coat on.  When I picked him up from school, I was mortified because I knew what happened.  He has worn my black and pink striped hoodie to school!  Now, if one of us tells him he should take something off, he asks why.

There isn't anything about my son's fashion I don't like, but it would be nice if  he had more than one favorite shirt.

Do your children have any aspects to their fashion that you don't like?  Or do any of your children suffer from color-blindess?

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