Jul 23, 2011

Family vacations

Our last big family vacation 5 years ago
My parents and six siblings vacationed in the Sierra Nevada Mountains every year for a decade.  We weren't wealthy enough to fly, so we would start the drive from New York State.  For those without siblings, it is bad about 24 hours into a trip when someone looks at you... imagine how bad it is if they touch you!  My parents were saints.  Our rules were simple, don't look at each other and don't touch each other.

Sometimes on the earlier trips our vehicle would break down.  Sometimes it was a little fix.  One time on a vacation when my brother was driving smoke started coming through the vents.  We had to pull off and find a place to bring the vehicle.  My father was talented enough where he could fix it.  I can remember my father seeing if there were any members of our church in the area that would let 8 strangers go and hang out while the vehicle got fixed.  We were lucky blessed to find a home that would allow us to hang out while dad fixed it.

Other family vacations went more smoothly.  One year we all got into the van and headed to Florida.  We never made it to Florida, but we got within 100 miles of the borders.   I loved the fact that there were no strict plans besides spending time with family. That was amazing memory builders hanging out with the family.

I miss annual vacations with my husband and son.  I would love to be able to hop into my car and head in a direction for a week.  My idea of a vacation is a nice hotel room, at least one buffet and not making a daily agenda.

The last week long family vacation my son, husband and I went on was March 2005.  We went to Disney World with my husband, son, husband's family and some of their friends.  It would have been a blast if there had been more than one child on the trip or if we had agreed that we didn't need to do the same things.  My son loved meeting all of the characters that he recognized.  He also loved trading pins with the workers.  His favorite park was the Magic Kingdom.  His least favorite was the Epcot Center.  I want to go back and see how much fun that vacation would be if we did a do-over.  Everyone get separate housing and have a plan that not everyone has to do the same thing.  I don't want my son to be the only child in the world that didn't get to fully enjoy Disney.

Do you like road trips?  When you were growing up did you and your family go on vacation?  What has been your favorite vacation spot?  Have you ever vacationed with more than one family?


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