Jul 8, 2011

Do you need help?

About two months ago we had company drop by unexpectedly.  My first instinct was to keep them on the porch because my house wasn't ready for company.  We had 6 pieces of sheet rock on our dining room table and other house repair stuff scattered throughout the house.  A house that is getting fixed up isn't company friendly.

The pictures of my house the day the company dropped by would have made most women feel great about their homes.  I knew I had to invite them in, but only after explaining everything that was wrong with my housekeeping skills. 

It was a blessing in disguise that I let them in instead of making them wait on the porch.

During (the floor isn't done yet)

One of the guys asked, "What do you have all the sheet rock for?"  My husband let him know that we had to finish the back bathroom/laundry room before we put the house on the market.  We had torn all of the lathe and plaster out so we could insulate the house.  The lathe and plaster was a project we had started more than a year ago, before my husband broke his ankle.

The guy then asked, "Do you need help?"  We needed help in the worst way.  My husband has neck problems so he isn't supposed to work with his arms above his head for a prolonged period of time.  I have back problems so it is hard for me to bend over.  We don't want our son to have to do all of the grunt work either.

The guys have been such huge helpers.  They helped hang the sheet rock and point the joint compound in.  They are also helping put our kitchen floor in.  We help them by feeding them. 

I have an extremely hard time asking people to help me when I need it.  I don't ever want to put myself in a position where I am putting someone into an awkward position.  I know I have volunteered to help people who I knew could use the help.  Helping others is such a wonderful feeling!  I believe the best reward is the feeling we get when we help others.

I have also been thinking about all of the times that I have been traveling and have seen a car break down.  My husband is an auto technician so he has the skills to help them.  He will ask if he can help and so far no one has ever turned him down.  Even if he cannot fix the problem because of the lack of tools or diagnostic equipment, he can often tell the people what he thinks is wrong with the problem.  I believe at certain times we were put into that place to help the people.

I hope to be able to help more people throughout my life.  I am not talented at many things, but I can help people with their family history work.  I know where to look for that.  Do you have any talents where you could help people?

Have you ever been in a situation where you really needed help, but didn't want to ask?  I wonder what makes us not want to ask for the help?

Have you ever needed help and had a friend show up out of the blue and offer to help?  Do you feel like you have ever been put into the right place at the right time to help someone?


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