Jul 25, 2011

Cleaning to sell my home.

My Kitchen remade (plus it's clean)

For me, cleaning is the worst part of being a stay at home mom.  I look around at the toilet and I know in my 35 years of living, at least 33 of those were potty trained,  that  I have an exceptional rate of hitting the toilet 99.9999999% of the time.  The one time I didn't was when we were being schooled on how to pee like a boy, but that is another blog post of its own.  So, whomever peed on the toilet wasn't me.  I usually get to clean the pee anyway.  

I, in all my infinite wisdom, knew I needed to make an appointment with the Realtor so we could finally have an end date to when all the cleaning needs to be done.  The Realtor will be coming August 6th, so less than two weeks to get everything done.  That gave me one day to completely clean each room with 6 days left over to get the additional packing and decluttering done.

My husband tore up the carpeting in the Dining Room yesterday which revealed even better wood floors than what is in our Living Room.  However, there is a chunk of carpet that couldn't be tore up yet because it is currently under all of our packed boxes and other clutter than needs to be put somewhere else.  It baffles me how 12 years of buying different things through our marriage that I wasn't throwing more away.  I am still scared to throw something away in case I will need it, but I am trying to convince my brain that I can just buy it again if I really need it.  Another part of my brain doesn't want to clean anything and wants to throw EVERYTHING away.  However, my husband may not like it when he asks me where something is, then I get a big smile on my face and tell him it is in the garbage with everything else.  
My Dining Room.  Nice floors but need to pack and declutter
The Living room will be an easy fix.  I plan on putting Harry Potter's invisible cloak over one corner of clutter in my room.  Honestly, I have no idea how I am going to pull this off.   I know that when I moved into the house it was relatively clean, so it can get to that state again.

We are finding things we brought with us on our move from Massachusetts that we have never used.  I have learned from the mistake and won't be packing anything I don't want.  We are pack rats, borderline hoarder.

My dream when we finally settle in Nevada is to have a house with no clutter.  It will take hard work on my part here, but by the time the Realtor comes, I don't want any clutter in my house.  I want a buyer to walk into my home, decide that it is beautiful and worth the price and buy it.  Well, want a really want is for someone to walk into my home right now, tell me they would give me a million dollars for my home, as long as I let them clean it themselves and move right in.

Are you someone who keeps the house clean and clutter free or do you look around and wonder where you should start?  Do you have any tips for me to get my house ready to show to buyers?


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