Jul 24, 2011

Back up your files today

Recently I wrote a post on using the On-Screen Keyboard because my keyboard isn't working after a run-in with Gatorade.  Today I was reading Facebook and saw that another friend's laptop died and he needed to find a way to back up files.

You never know when your computer is going to die.  You never know when Gatorade is going to be dropped on your keyboard.  Go, back up the files.  I hope you will remind friends and family that they should back their files up now, just in case they can't start their computer tomorrow.

I have lost more pictures over the years because I didn't back them up. Those are the files I will miss the most.  I am thankful that I was able to use my On-Screen Keyboard to login to my computer.  There were hundreds of photos that hadn't been backed up and three videos.

Do you back your files up all the time?  Have you ever lost files because you didn't back them up?


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