Jul 17, 2011

All mothers are different

My son was swimming and found one of his "friends".  By the end of the day, they weren't friends any longer.  This friend held my son's head under the water.  I was talking to the other boys mother so I wasn't paying as much attention as I should have been.  When my son came out of the water, I heard him before I saw him.  He yelled, "I couldn't breath!"  He had a look of sheer terror on his face.  The little punk did it again.  This time I yelled, "Don't hold him under the water."  Then the little _____ did it again.  The momma bear in me wanted to go over and tell him he had better leave NOW.

The boys mother was there, sitting right next to me.  She could see me walking over to  to handle the situation.  She didn't say a word to her son until the third time he did it.  My mothering is different than hers.  My son isn't allowed to hurt or scare anyone without punishment.  I don't know what she thought was going on because I didn't feel like talking to her after the third time it happened and she didn't step in.  

My mom and I.  Two different parenting styles.
The situation made me start thinking about how most mothers are different.  We punish in different ways.  We talk to our child(ren) differently.  We all spend different amounts of time with our child(ren).  Some mothers even have to live apart from their child(ren).

Usually if there are a bunch of children at the park, there are mothers at different stages.  Some mothers are right there to catch their child if something were to go wrong.  Other mothers watch from far away and let their child handle things.  Most of the time the mother that is nearest to the playground watching over her child will think that the mother who is far away is crazy.  Mothers who watch from afar will think the same thing about the Mom that would catch her child falling.

I know both a mom that is right there to catch a child from falling and the mother who allows her child to roam freely.  Both children appear to be happy and have friends.  I have heard both parents talking about how the other mother isn't a good mother.   Looking at it from a third viewpoint, I think both parents are raising wonderful children.  Both parents are doing what they need to do to raise their children how they want to raise their children.

As a mother, I am trying to look for good in Moms that are different than me.  I figure that they must be doing something right.  One of the ways to make me mad the fastest is telling me how I am messing up, so I am sure other mothers feel the same way.

Why do you think we have a hard time believing mothers that parent differently can still be good Moms?  What do you think makes a good mom?

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