Jul 3, 2011

Acceptance of people different than you

This post isn't about whether you agree or disagree with gay marriage, Judaism, Mormonism, liberals, or conservatives. This post is about teaching acceptance or learning to accept people that are different than you.

These children are as precious and represent innocence.  Photo from stock.xchng

I live in New York State, which is the newest state to allow genders of the same sex to marry. It is also a state with a lot of ethnic and religious diversity.  There are many people who are celebrating the fact that they can now get married.  At the same time, there are many people figuring out how they are going to handle the situation.  My words of advice are just love the people even if you don't agree for whatever is going on for one reason or another. 

Each of us is different in some way. Sometimes all we have to do is look at someone to know they are different. Sometimes if we are lucky enough, we get to talk to people to find out our differences.  Since I was a young child, I have learned to not judge people based on their skin color or clothing.  In my adult years was when I learned not to judge people because of their sexual preference.  The important thing is that they are people, with the same rights you and I have.

More horrendous things have been done because of hatred than for any other reason.  I don't even know if hate is the right word, I would say not being educated was the reason.  Not understanding there are differences that make us unique individuals.

People never want to be put into a situation where they feel like they have to stick up for what they believe in.  If you are attacking my view points, instead of trying to understand, I am not going to want to listen to what you have to say about your viewpoint.  I will answer questions, but never want to be told I am wrong for what I believe.  Most beliefs have no scientific fact behind it, we just believe what we do for whatever reason.

There are certain hateful people that I stay away from.  People that enjoy hurting others are true monsters.  This message isn't about the small percentage of people who are more monster than human. This message also doesn't mean that people shouldn't be punished for hurting others... but the punishment should come from the legal system and not other people. 

Accepting people as they are doesn't necessarily mean that I need to be around them every day.  God gave us free agency, but not to hurt people.  I stay away from people who try to control me or my son. There are certain people I just don't like, but it doesn't mean that I don't think they don't deserve to be loved by someone.  They deserve their happiness too.

We need to learn to accept people.  We also need to teach people acceptance.  The way I have taught my son acceptance won't be the same way you will teach your child(ren). I have taught my son that God loves everyone the same, regardless of skin, sexual orientation, religion, etc.   I don't want to be judged for the mistakes I have made. If we think someone else is making a mistake, we don't need to tell them, we can just accept them for who they are.

Parents, you are in charge of raising the next generation.  You are in charge of teaching right from wrong, but also in charge of letting your children know that good people make mistakes. What I believe is a mistake may not be something you believe is a mistake.

A fact you may know about Mormons is that we don't believe in smoking.   My husband is a smoker.  He is also a Mormon.  I am not telling you this to embarrass or humiliate him.  I am telling you because if I would have judged him as a bad person because of his smoking, I wouldn't have married him, and I would have lost out on the 12 years of marriage.  I believe that he is a great person.

One of my best friends is gay.  I love her and am thankful that she is in my life.  I don't like when people judge gay people.

I was pregnant before I married and know that my son is just as important as any other baby.  Babies born before marriage should be allowed to be loved and raised knowing that God loves them. 

Believe as you want, live as you want, but let other people believe and live as they want to.

I truly believe that all people are born the same... with the hope of being accepted for who they are. I hate seeing one group of people humiliated for doing what they choose to do or believe. 

There are fathers in prison whose children love him.  There are mothers walking the street to earn income for there families whose children love her.  There are individuals living on the street that deserve love and respect.  Look at people like they were once babies like you and I that deserve to be treated with dignity.

Thank you for reading this today.  I hope that you will enjoy this message enough to share it with someone else.  Do you agree that every person deserves to be loved by someone?  What was your favorite part of this message?


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