Jun 16, 2011

You are good at what?

Each one of you is really good at something.  Some of you are probably exceptional cooks, housekeepers, mothers, fathers, joke tellers, puzzle solvers, gardeners, speaking, singing, bloggers, teachers, etc. I hope you just made a mental note of what you would get a blue ribbon in.  I am talented at family history research, making great chocolate chip cookies and coming up with humorous things to say.  What do you think you are better at than most of the population?

My son is the inspiration for this post.  His team lost the baseball game today.  He had a couple of errors on the field and struck out once.  He did get on base 3 out of 4 ups.  He was happy about that.  He looked for the positive in the game and he knows that he is a good batter.  Instead of focusing on losing or the errors, he decided to focus on what he did well today.  

Another amazing fact is that people you see today are good at something too.  If you don’t usually smile at people, try to make eye contact and smile. If you can’t do that, think one good thing about each person you see.  Instead of punishing mistakes today, glorify something positive that is done.  

The thing I want you to take away from this blog is that you are important!  Think about how lucky we are to have you doing whatever you are wonderful at.  I thank you for taking the time to read this today.  

Do you have a tip to help someone have a better day today? I would love to know what you are great at in the comments.  Let me know what happened when you smiled at someone today.  

If you think this post may help someone, use one of the methods to share below.  If you want to tell someone why you like or love them, take the  opportunity today.  Point out what they are really good at.


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