Jun 20, 2011

Trapped under a butt-- a solution for rude people.

Sometimes when I feel like getting healthier by exercising, I go on walks outside.  You know, where everyone can see me.  There is this crazy, mind-blowing phenomenon that happens sometimes when I am walking.

People, I should say men or adolescent boys, will sometimes moo or bark at me. Instead of thinking it as the insult it is, I like to think they have the intelligence of cows or dogs. Other times I pretend they are saying “You go girl! You will be thin in no time” or “I wish I was out walking instead of driving in my car.” The possibility could be that they are so ignorant that they can’t put the insult into word, or they think it would hurt less than using words.

Another fad is these same men who whistle or honk at thinner people. What if they were the same people that were being mooed or barked at earlier in their lives? Hopefully they will be fast enough to chase the offender down now and let him know what they think. I know what I think, “I want to catch you, sit on you with my size 24 butt and not let you up until I get a picture of you crying like a baby. Then, and only then, will I let you up. I will post your crying picture on my facebook wall.  Hopefully someone would tag you.”

I know other women that have had the same experience. Perhaps it only happens in my town. I hope that none of you have ever experienced this. I just wish that I had a super glue gun when I was out walking to glue people’s mouths shut so they wouldn’t discourage another person trying to get healthy.

Next time someone says something mean to you, remember that it is their problem that they are mean people. Just keep being the best person you can be!  If you are ever driving, and you see someone trapped under a larger person's butt, you will know what happened.  I will have finally caught them!

Honestly, I know that everyone has the right to their opinion and has free speech.  I don't understand why someone would use that right to hurt another person.

I hope that you will all have a great, relaxing day surrounded by friendly folks.


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