Jun 30, 2011

Responsibility for our actions

I flushed the toilet and nothing happened.  No sound of water going down into the sewer and definitely no water filling the tank.  I flushed again.  Same response.  Immediately I thought that since my husband had taken the toilet out from downstairs that he must have turned off the water.  I called him.  He let me know he didn't turn the water off.

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The water company had turned off our water.  (I am not proud of it, but it is part of the story).  My son started questioning me as I explain why we have to go to the city building.  He says, "Well, aren't they suppose to tell you when they are turning it off?"  I let him know that we got the water bill and the late notice, but didn't pay it.  He was rather upset at the city for turning off our water.

I explained the facts to Son: it isn't their fault that we didn't pay, we are responsible because they were giving us a service that we had to pay for, we can't expect anything for free and we have to pay or not have water. 

Then I started thinking about how many times have I blamed someone for something that was my responsibility.  Son and I spent 2 ½ hours painting the ceiling in our backroom.  My husband was ecstatic that we did it while he was working.  His elation didn't last long though when he saw several spots I missed.  He let me know that he would have to repaint the ceiling.  I was furious.  However, I now realize he did have to paint it and I was blaming him for something that was my responsibility.  I shouldn't have blamed him. 

There have been other instances in my life when I have been upset at someone for something that was my fault.  Why is it so easy sometimes to blame someone else when something goes wrong? 

We all know someone who blames everyone for their troubles.  It is the easy route to go, but we need to take responsibility.  It helps us grow.  Who knows, it may even help us out socially if we can own our actions.

We are all human.  Each day we live is a day to improve ourselves.


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